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Version 2 (V2) Calculator Features

For Version 2 (V2) Java Applets

Version 2 (V2) Features

The Version 2 (V2) calculators use Java Applets to display the calculators. This is not the current version of the financial calculators and is currently being maintained with no future enhancements. Support and updates for the V2 content will continue through December 31st, 2014. It is highly recommended to upgrade to our V3 calculators as soon as possible. The Dinkytown V3 calculators don't use the Java Plug-in and run on PCs, Macs and mobile devices like iPads, iPods & Androids.

For more information on the V3 calculators please see: V3 Features

Version 2 (V2) Resources

Below are a few resources you may find useful regarding our financial calculators and KJE Computer Solutions, LLC. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Our e-mail is or you may call us at (612) 331-2291.

Ordering information: Orders
License agreement: License agreement
Latest update instructions: Update Instructions 12/31/2016

Version 2 (V2):
V2 General FAQ
V2 Features
V2 Customize FAQ

Version 2 (V2) Feature List

financial calculator 350 tools to choose from We have 350 tools spanning English, Spanish, Canada, Australia and the UK. Whether you need business, loans, mortgage, debt management, personal finance or tax tools we have you covered!

financial calculator Select only the tools you needWe let you chose any combination of tools, from any category. We never limit your selection by requiring you purchase all of a specific category - you choose only the tools that work for your site. Choose your tools from:
  • Mortgage Calculators
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  • Credit Cards & Debt
  • Savings Calculators
  • Insurance Calculators
  • Canadian Financial Calculators
  • French Canadian Financial Calculators
  • Australian Financial Calculators
financial calculator No advertisementsYour will be engaged by YOUR DYNAMIC CONTENT!
financial calculator One-time license fee All of our licenses are sold as a one-time fee. Once purchased, you can continue using our calculators on your website for as long as you wish. Our one-time fee pricing makes our calculators a fantastic value!
financial calculator Extended maintenance All Financial Calculators from KJE Computer Solutions, LLC come with six months of free updates (issued upon request). You can extend your maintenance period by enrolling in our extended maintenance program. This is a great option to keep your site current. The cost is only 20% of your license fee per year and gives you the following benefits:
  • Automatic quarterly updates for your calculators to ensure:
    • Compatibility with the latest browsers and Java™ technology
    • Compliance with the latest regulatory and tax laws
    • Receive all of our enhancements and new features
  • Complete change control documentation
  • Detailed instructions for updating your calculators to keep them current
  • Free e-mail and phone support
  • Advanced notice of new products and features

Again, it is strongly recommended for active websites to keep their content current, and our extended maintenance is one of the best ways to insure your calculators against obsolescence.

financial calculator Integrated graphs Dynamic calculations and graphs can truly set you apart from the crowd. All of our calculators make use of our hand-coded graph library. Bar charts, column charts, pie charts and more make your site come alive!
financial calculator Customizable reports Use our professionally formatted reports as is, or completely customize them without changing any Java™ source code.
financial calculator Add your images Add your logo or image to any calculator - without changing Java™ source code!

financial calculator Robust error handlingImplemented in Java™ technology, error handling is seamlessly integrated. No obscure errors. No frustrated users.
financial calculator Easy setupTo use calculators with simple text reporting create one new directory on your web server and copy our files. To use HTML reports you will have to create two new directories and copy a few more files. Its that easy.

financial calculator Full Browser supportFor best results please use Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Mozilla Firefox, Macintosh Safari or Google Chrome. Operating systems supported includes Windows XP Home & Professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X (all versions), X Windows and Linux.

financial calculator Small and Compact!Our calculators make use of the latest Java™ technology to keep your site running fast. Use of a common "Java™ Archive Repository" (JAR) keeps our calculators smaller than many simple images!
financial calculator Full HTML reportsMost financial calculators using Java™ technology don't allow you to print their payment schedules, reports or results. They are all trapped inside that little applet. Our calculators produce fully printable, formatted HTML reports. Its the best of both worlds, printable reports and a robust Java™ applet. Now with graphs in the report!
financial calculator Change the defaultsChange the default values on any calculator without changing any Java™ source code! All defaults use applet parameters to "send" the applet the default input values.

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